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My Personal Mission

I desire to have a deep impact on women’s inner beauty and inner confidence through belief and love as I build my business with the highest integrity and excellence so that women can have a greater impact in their homes, lives , and society. 

When I started mary kay I had very little belief that I could really be successful. I was hopeful but lacked belief. Part of it was I had never really succeeded at much in life yet being the ripe old age of 23. And part of it was this deep desire to please people no matter what so that I would be well liked by what I did not who I was. 

I soon realized I can’t nor ever will be able to please everyone with my actions all the time. Someone will always be unhappy. That’s the way the world works. I also realized that it was a false sense of confidence that wouldn’t last. I needed to like me for who God made me to be and believe in the abilities that God gave me before I could ever have a sense of beautiful inner beauty and self worth. 

For several years I have been growing into the women God has designed me to be. Peeling off layers of insecurity and doubt and fears to uncover beauty, confidence, faith, love, and belief through the building of my Mary Kay business. 

I want to pass this type of beauty on to other women through the vehicle of this business. It’s a beautiful way for me to connect and mentor women and pour belief into them as they discover their God given beauty. My motto is” I’ll believe in you ’till you believe in you”.

I believe when a woman finds her inner beauty she becomes an unshakable and unstoppable women of character and love. Those are the type of women I want to help grow by the grace of God for His glory. 

Love and Belief,